Signal Transduction Laboratory – Institute of Chemistry – Department of Biochemistry

"Analysis of sugarcane promoters and its allelic variation."

Sugarcane has been used for centuries as sugar source and more recently as ethanol source. The sugarcane genome is being sequenced and studies on its complex regulatory networks are needed to provide data in regulatory pathways and the consequences of its alteration. The post-doctoral project aims to analyze the allelic variation of promoter regions from genes of interest related to sucrose content. It is part of the main Project “Sugarcane Regulatory Networks and Signaling” that aims to establish the regulatory networks architecture that control gene expression in sugarcane and to provide tools that permit the research community to associate agronomic traits of interest to regulatory motifs and tools to improve the generation of transgenic plants (

The project aims to analyse promoter regions of a group of transcription factors and kinases identified as differentially expressed in plants of interest. Analysis require expertise in large scale genome sequence datamining. We also aim to analyse allelic expression and identify regulatory regions using Chip-Seq. Functional tests will be performed in model and sugarcane plant systems. Experience in transgenics generation and analysis is desired.

Manifestations of interest should be sent to Glaucia Souza (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) alongside a CV.