Staffan Persson, Ph. D.

Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology,

Am Mühlenberg 1,

14476 Potsdam,



Born in Lund, Sweden, December 26th, 1971.


1994 Construction engineer, Kristianstad College University, Sweden

1997 M. Sci., Chemistry, Lund University (LU), Sweden

2003/2004 Ph. D., Plant Physiology/Plant Biochemistry, North Carolina State University (NCSU)/ Lund University

2007 Post Doctoral fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington at Stanford, CA, USA

Presently Max-Planck Research Group Leaders at MPI-MP, Potsdam, Germany


2001 The Swedish Royal Physiographic Society Fellowship

2001 The Swedish Royal Research Academy Fellowship

2002 The Swedish Royal Physiographic Society Fellowship

2004 Carl Tryggers Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

2005 Swedish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship

2008 Plant KBBE trilateral grant (Coordinator)


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