Family and given name: Caldana, Camila

Date and place of birth: 29th of August, 1975, Valinhos (Brazil)

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Since 04/2007: Research Associate: "Genes and small molecules". Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Department Willmitzer.

2004- 2008: PhD student in Plant Physiology, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany. "Genome wide identification and functional characterization of transcription factors involved in the initial phase of salt stress in rice", under supervision of Prof.Bernd Müller-Röber

2000- 2002: MSc in Functional and Molecular Biology, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP-Brazil. "Evaluation of Differentially Expressed Genes in Xylella fastidiosa under Conditions of Adhesion", under supervision of Prof. Marcos A. Machado.

1995-1998: BSc Biology, Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Botucatu, SP-Brazil.


2007-present Max Planck Society Post Doc Fellowship

2004-2007 Membership of Integrative Plant Science- International PhD Programme, Universität Potsdam, Germany

2003-2006 DAAD PhD Scholarship (2003-2006), Germany

2001-2002 FAPESP MSc Scholarship, Brazil

1997-1999 PIBIC/CNPq undergraduate Scholarship, Brazil


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C Caldana; WR Scheible, B Mueller-Roeber, S Ruzicic (2007). A quantitative RT-PCR platform for high-throughput expression profiling of 2500 rice transcription factors. Plant Methods 3:7.

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