Symposium on Cellulosic Ethanol - Program

9 de setembro

9h00 Welcome Coffee

10h00 Opening Section

  • Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz
  • Scientific Director, FAPESP
  • Marcos S. Buckeridge
  • Symposium organizer

10h30 Opening Conference

  • The role of biomass in the world’s energy matrix
    José Goldemberg

11h30 Disassembling the plant cell wall to obtain energy

  • Marcos S. Buckeridge

12h30 Lunch

14h00 The role of hydrolases on degradation of plant material

  • Edivaldo Ximenes
    Universidade de Brasília

14h40 Prospecting hydrolases of microorganisms and findind their potencial for bioenergy production

  • Maria de Lourdes T.M. Polizeli

15h20 Coffee Break

15h50 The potencial of fungal genetics and transformation for production of tools for cellulosic ethanol production

  • Gustavo H. Goldman

16h30 Hydrolysis of glycosides: key factors in biomass transformation to bioethanol production

  • Igor Polikarpov

17h10 Plenary discussion


10 de setembro

9h00 Welcome Coffee

9h30 The SUCEST-FUN Project: Using genomic tools for the improvement of biomass in sugarcane


  • Gláucia M. Souza

10h10 Maize as a genetic model for the improvement of bioenergy grasses

  • Nicholas C. Carpita
    Purdue University - US

10h50 CoffeeBreak

11h20 Making a more fermentable plant via genetic engineering: a progress report

  • Eric Lam
    Rutgers University, US

12h00 Sugarcane biological diversity, breeding and molecular characterization of elite genotypes for ethanol biomass production

  • Marcelo Erls Loureiro
    Universidade Federal de Viçosa

12h40 Lunch

14h00 The eucalypt as a source of cellulosic ethanol

  • Carlos A. Labate

14h40 Using Physcomitrella genome as a model to learn about cell wall disassembly in plants

  • Michael Lawton
    Rutgers University, US

15h20 Plenary Discussion

  • Closing


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