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FAPESP BIOEN Program Highlights - BBEST 2017 Edition

FAPESP BIOEN Program - Highlights 2010-2016

BIOEN - Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Botany, Ecology, Economy

BIOEN - Biophysics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Interdisciplinary

BIOEN - Food Science and Technology, Engineering, Physics, Geosciences, Mathematics, Chemistry

BIOEN-FAPESP Call for Projects 2017

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Bioenergy at the centre of EU renewable energy policy

EURACTIV - Jan 15, 2018


Bioenergy has to be an essential part of the EU energy mix for at least .... of São Paulo Full Professor, FAPESP Bioenergy Research Program ...

How genetic engineering could boost biofuel production in Africa and Latin America

Genetic Literacy Project - Jun 08, 2017


Souza is also coordinator of the Bioenergy Research Program at the Brazilian research foundation FAPESP, and co-editor of the report. What is the potential for expanding biofuel production in Latin America and Africa? Huge! There are at least 500 million hectares of land available for biofuel production ...

Call for proposals to mass-produce advanced biofuels

Agência FAPESP - Jan 13, 2016


"In the first two years of the program, we issued several calls in the area of bioenergy and learned a few lessons...

Research aims to enhance flex-fuel engine efficiency and reduce component wear

Agência FAPESP - Dec 16, 2015


FAPESP supports the research performed at LFS through the project "Tribological challenges in flex-fuel engines", funded by its Bioenergy Research Program (Bioen) and Partnership for Technological Innovation Research Program (PITE).

The challenge of scaling up | Revista Pesquisa Fapesp

Pesquisa FAPESP - Dec 02, 2015


A BIOEN study shows that direct greenhouse gas emissions from sugarcane cultivation in Brazil are lower than those estimated in the ...

Success of possible new agreement to address global warming will depend on governance

Agência FAPESP - Nov 04, 2015


This was one of the main conclusions reached by researchers participating in two meetings hosted by FAPESP’s research programs on Global Climate Change (RPGCC), Bioenergy (Bioen), and Biodiversity Characterization, Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use (BIOTA) on October 6-7 at FAPESP’s headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, to address issues that will be discussed during COP21.


FAPESP and the internationalization of São Paulo State's research

September 23, 2015

"Many of FAPESP’s programs, such as BIOTA and BIOEN, are an expression of a key dimension of today’s world, which is that knowledge creation expands and intensifies through networks...

Mapping sugarcane

Pesquisa FAPESP - Aug 30, 2015


... FAPESP's Research on Bioenergy Program, or Bioen (see report on page 140), aimed in part at improving the productivity of Brazilian ethanol and...

Obstacle race

Pesquisa FAPESP - Jun 14, 2015


…One of them, based predominantly on research conducted at universities, is tied to FAPESP's Program for Research on Bioenergy (Bioen), ...

For a more balanced future

Pesquisa FAPESP - May 15, 2015


... The work was coordinated by researchers from FAPESP programs such as Research in Bioenergy (BIOEN), Research into the Characterization ...


Among the best in the world

Pesquisa FAPESP - Dec 29, 2014


... We also took part in the definition of FAPESP programs, such as those for Research on Global Climate Change, Biota and BIOEN." ...

Evolutionary history in progress

Pesquisa FAPESP - Dec 14, 2014


... for research on bioenergy (BIOEN) and. SUCEST-FUN, which focuses on the functional analysis of sugarcane genes and the identification of genes associated...

The challenge of scaling up

Pesquisa FAPESP - Nov 22, 2014


... A BIOEN study shows that direct greenhouse gas emissions in sugarcane cultivation in Brazil are lower than those estimated in the ...

BIOEN Notícias

Bioenergia será essencial para enfrentar mudanças climáticas

Agência FAPESP - 06 de junho de 2018


Avaliação foi feita por participantes de mesa-redonda sobre o papel das fontes renováveis de energia no desenvolvimento, durante a 5ª Conferência Regional sobre Mudanças Climáticas Globais.

Projeto traça cenários para aumentar a produção de biocombustíveis na África e na América Latina

Grupo Cultivar - 18 de maio de 2018


O projeto foi apoiado pela FAPESP, no âmbito do Programa BIOEN. ... Cortez é o líder do Lacaf (Bioenergy Contribution of Latin America ...

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